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Am I genetically a risk patient?

To clarify if you are a COVID 19 risk patient, Hanse Genetik in Hamburg offers you the essential possibility to secure a human genetic diagnosis. This diagnosis is, e. g., vital  in pre-existing cardiac diseases like Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy or lung diseases like C.F. (Cystic Fibrosis).

But also tumor diseases or Diabetes are considered as risk factors which might bei genetically determined.

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We are here for you.

Information for our patients about the routine in our office

Dear Patients,

The team of Hanse Genetik continues to be there for you in times of the CORONA PANDEMIC. For your safety measures:

  • Patients are requested to wash their hands thoroughly upon arrival to the office
  • After every patient appointment all doorknobs, reception desk, chairs etc are disinfected.

Please do not reach our office with cold symptoms. Instead, reschedule a new appointment when you feel better.

Medical consultation is also available by video conference, optionally home calls are possible. Please do not hesitate to call us and talk to us about your request.

Hanse Genetik - because every human being is unique

Many diseases or development peculiarities are subject to hereditary influence.

In particular rare diseases often have genetic causes. But also with common diseases hereditary factors are to be considered. That concerns e. g. Neurological diseases like Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy, Dementia or Autism as well as tumor diseases (cancer), immune deficiencies, ENT-diseases ( disorders of hearing or seeing), and common diseases like Diabetes, metabolic disorders and cardio-vascular diseases. But also mental illness or depression often have genetic causes.

Hanse Genetik: Your office for genetic advice

A genetic advice might be useful if a genetic disposition is possible with you, your family or your (future) children or if is already diagnosed.

Hanse Genetik: Your laboratory for genetic diagnostics

If causal genetic changes are already known or are suspected within your family, healthy people can be tested with the help of predictive diagnosis if these changes can be excluded or could be the cause for such a disease someday. Through this, prevention respectively early detection and treatment is possible.

Hanse Genetik: Advice centers in Hamburg and Schwerin

The human genetic office MD. Harald Ludwig offers genetic advice in the center of Hamburg Winterhude / Eppendorf as well as in Alsterdorf (in the northern area of Hamburg) and in Schwerin. Our laboratory, equipped with the latest technology, is located at Winterhuder Marktplatz (shopping center Forum Winterhude). Doctor’s office and laboratory are located on the 5th floor. Doctor’s office and laboratory are on the 5th floor and are accessible via elevator 2.

Parking spaces are available in the parking garage.

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