HANSE GENETIK – Your laboratory for genetic diagnosis

In our laboratory for human genetics in the Winterhude Forum in Hamburg, equipped with the latest technology, we carry out numerous molecular genetic analysis, Exom Analysis (examination of all coding parts of the Genom) and NGS (Next Generation Sequencing, NestSeq™ 550-Sequencing system) in the fields of Neurogenetics, Epigenetics. Tumor Genetics and Cardio Genetics.

For this purpose, you can send us blood from your patients for diagnostic purposes. To accelerate the procedure we ask senders of the blood sample to fill in the the application form (PDF-Form) and submit it together with the samples.

Request form for doctors/senders





Hereditary basics and reasons

We would be happy to advise your patients whether the disease has a genetic cause and explain possible effects to the patient himself and his family members.

Clinically manifest diseases can have a genetic reason and may be examined in this regard.

When causal genetic changes for a disease are already known, healthy family members can be examined as part of a predictive diagnose whether they carry these genetic variations or not. With this examination it is possible to exclude a hereditary disease in people not carrying these genetic changes. On the other hand, people that carry the genetic changes can be identified before the disease manifests itself. Thereby possibilities arise to prevent respectively early detective and treat the disease.